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About us

The man, the Myth, the pool building legend, Jay Zier has personally built over 1000 pools over his twenty plus years of pool construction. Zier Pools was born out of Jay’s desire to live the American dream, and own his own pool construction company. Jay had all the pool building knowledge and wisdom that comes with 20 plus years in the industry, but he lacked the time necessary to make things happen. To fill those gaps he turned to his friends and family. He needed someone to help homeowners realize the potential in their backyard. So Jay asked Gerry Hernandez to join his team. Gerry’s calm demeanor and design genius helped him become one of the biggest pool construction producers in Southern California. It is a well-known fact the Gerry’s demeanor is the inspiration of the common pool slang, “Cool as the underside of a Baja-Shelf”. Still needing the parts to make his dream go, Jay turned to his family. He convinced his two brothers-in-law to help him. John Matthews is the tech wizard who organizes the pandemonium the Internet can create, and does so with a technical and methodical approach. John can actually herd cats, this is a true statement, just ask him about it. Finally, Jay needed someone to GSD, Get Stuff Done. So, he asked his Super Bowl Champion brother-in-law, Freddy Keiaho, to organize the day to day of Zier Pools. You may see Freddy making the sub-contractors do “up downs” when they are behind schedule. If you don’t know what “up downs” are, simply throw yourself on the ground, and get up as quickly as possible.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read about us, and how we got started. We are Zier Pools, but more importantly we are brothers, husbands, fathers, and men of God. We would love the opportunity to make a “better everyday” for you, by creating something special in your backyard.

Our Process

Designing & Building
Your Dream Pool

From inception to completion, you work with the same person throughout the entire process.

The expression of your hopes and dreams for your space take shape in the design process. We come out to your home and listen to you – we want to understand what you envision for your space, and how that relates to the current state of your backyard. After getting to know you and the scope of what you want, we take measurements of your backyard. Those measurements are used to create an interactive 3D scale environment that bring your concept to life. Once the design is completed – we walk you through this scale environment at our office and provide you with a detailed proposal that encompasses all the costs associated with the scope of your project.

This is a turn-key operation from permit to plaster. We thought about all the small things so you can invest in the relationships that matter most.

After the agreement is finalized, we order engineering details and put together a construction plan for the permitting process with the city. We give you a plan to submit to your HOA. Once we have HOA approval and permit in hand we begin the dig process. After the pool has been dug and reinforced with steel rebar, the plumbing lines and rough electric are run then the shotcrete shell is formed. After the shotcrete shell finishes the curing process, we enter into the masonry phase. In the masonry phase the ascetic details of the project are added and you begin to see the semblance of the finished product. Take heart because we are with you at every phase, communicating with you, our team, and our subcontractors – our proactive communication keeps you informed, so you are always aware of what is happening and when it’s happening. After the masonry phase is complete, we plaster the pool, and schedule a pool equipment orientation with one of our pool service specialists. Our specialist will provide you with a month of service and answer any maintenance questions you may have. We are with you at every phase and will continue to be a resource for you as you enjoy your space.

The foundation of any good thing is built with love. From pools to relationships, everything we do is colored with LOVE.

We understand the importance of time and know how precious and finite it is. In an age where we are bombarded with drains to our time and attention – It is imperative that we spend our time and attention wisely. This is why it brings us great joy knowing that the spaces we create provide a forum where families can be present in the now and invest in the relationships that matter most. Investing in these relationships yields back the most valuable resource in the world, LOVE.

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Jay Zier

27 years of pool building experience, Jay has worked in every facet of pool construction from design to build. More than just the face of Zier Pools Inc. Jay’s vast knowledge is derived from building 1000’s of pools in his 27 years in pool construction. Jay’s personal involvement in each build is evident in the customer service he provides, and the attention to detail he demands. Jay’s reputation over his 27 year career is impeccable, and he is more than willing to provide references from the largest pool vendors in the San Diego area and from clients he has personally worked with.

Gerry Hernandez

Gerry Hernandez

18 years of experience working within the pool construction business. Gerry has worked in sourcing material, design, and sales. Gerry's knowledge base reaches beyond construction as he has experience sourcing materials related to pool construction. Gerry’s work experience with one of the largest pool construction companies in the United States helped him build a foundation of consistency and efficiency. His design experience in 3D modeling helps clients understand the structural components as well as the functional design elements that best utilize the space in their backyard.

Freddy Keiaho

Freddy Keiaho

12 years of pool building experience. Freddy’s experience in pool construction begins from the ground below, as a majority of his experience is with hands on construction of swimming pools. Freddy’s primary responsibility in Zier Pools is maintaining compliance with the State and ensuring that Zier Pools is running as efficiently as possible. His work experience with Fortune 40 companies helps Zier Pools maintain a standard of consistency and accountability that far exceeds the industry norm.

John Matthews

John Matthews

With over 25 years of experience in business management, marketing and technology, John’s expertise adds additional depth to the Zier Pools team. John understands how important process and accountability are to a fast moving business and helps all Zier Pools team members work as effectively and efficiently as possible. John works to ensure that all deadlines and timetables are met and that serving the customer is always our top priority.

San Diego County

Zier Pools is dedicated to building the finest swimming pool and outdoor living spaces in San Diego County . However, we’re always interested in hearing about jobs and potential projects, so feel free to reach out and let’s see if we can make something happen.

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